About our game

Echoes of Etrya is a third person 3D time puzzle game in which the player solves puzzles in an ancient temple by recording their actions for a copy of themselves to repeat those actions.


Shio is on a quest to fix the gears of time, a powerful mechanism which her ancestors built a temple around to channel it’s energy leading to time anomalies. With a mystical armband she received from her ancestors she is the only one who can restore balance to the world.

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Shio Productions is a group of eight 3rd-semester students at the S4G School for Games in Berlin.


Soren Wagner



Jacob Menz

Game Designer


Silvan Koch

Game Designer/Supporting Engineer


Robin Hentschel

Game Engineer


Pia Krensel

3D Environment Artist


Lisa Günther

Concept/UI/3D Artist


Melina Stratmann

Character/Animation Artist


Sylvia Exner

Concept/VFX/Tech Artist


Nik Douglas (NDGM)


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  • S4G School for Games GmbH
    Shio Productions
    Grünberger Straße 54
    10245 Berlin

    +49 30 96595244